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Second Grade


Our Second Grade classrooms implement a strong standards-based curriculum including:

  • Reader’s Workshop
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Interactive Read Alouds
  • TQE Math
  • Math Review
  • Aerospace and Aviation

In Aerospace, we focus on the four cardinal points of direction; learn about each phase of the moon; study the historical development of aircrafts; visit the planetarium and an airport. We also learn about parts of airplanes and read about Bessie Coleman and Ellen Ochoa. 

Additional Instruction

  • Art, Physical Education, Science, Social Justice/Social Studies, and Aerospace
  • Library-each week, students go to the library to listen to stories and check out books.
  • iPads- as an instructional resource
  • Field trips

Please click on your child's teacher's name to the right for further information.

Thank you!